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In the Spring of 2012, Protek Bicycles, also known as Protek by Carota began exporting its exceptional frames to the United States. Protek is offering the US cycling enthusiast Road, Mountain (including 29ers and the NEW 27.5"), Cyclocross and Single Speed CX frames and Ciclocitta'. Although Protek makes a set-to-geometry frame that has proven success, Protek wants to highlight its handmade, made-to-measure Italian-style frames – frames that are rarely available here. The carbon and aluminum used in the tubes and the wrapping process are made in Italy -- even the paint is Italian!
The evenly-rounded carbon tubes used in some frames are machined, but the newer style, more rectangular tubes used in the Model SK.4F now being sold in the United States are made in handmade forms and then bonded using an autoclave process. This “hand-making” process allows for a perfect fitting frame -- Protek will build a frame to the cyclist's body measurements, or, if desired, Protek can take measurements supplied by a professional bicycle fitter who wants to supply the geometry of the frame. Either way, Protek ‘made to measure’ applies to the tubes as well as the construction of the frames. Once the final design of the frame is approved by the consumer, the tubes are created; Protek does not use stock materials to create any of its ‘made to measure’ frames. This is partly why carbon frames take around six weeks and aluminum frames take around three weeks to build and deliver to the consumer.

Protek by Carota offers Campagnolo/FSA build kits, saddles and wheels at an excellent price to make the complete bicycle very affordable, we can even build up the bicycle in the United States. For more information, please contact us and we will answer all your questions in a timely manner.

Protek Bicycles USA
P.O. Box 127
Plymouth, Vermont 05056-0127
(802) 332-6345     info@protekbicycles.com

PROTEK, by Carota - ITALY
Protek Bicycles is located in Loreto Aprutino, in the heart of Abruzzo, Italy. The Protek frame design is the creation of master frame builder Antonio Carota [right], and reflects his cycling passion and genius for innovation. Protek remains relatively small by comparison to other bicycle frame manufacturers, but the company is prominent in the European racing community, building professional frames for competition and leisure cycling for consumers throughout Europe and portions of Africa and Asia since 1998. Recent success has produced two UCI World Champions and three National Champions participating in the London Olympics. Protek Bicycles is now an established corporation, and its brand is recognized and appreciated worldwide. Protek aspires to expand its brand identity and awareness by engaging partnerships in the United States and abroad.

When in Italy... It's possible to book a visit to our factory to experience frame production firsthand. Just call or write to our e-mail address. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Protek, Snc.
Zona Artigianale, C.da Remartello
65014 Loreto Aprutino (PE) Italy
Tel & Fax +39     Cell +39 338.85.91.360    www.cicliprotek.it

Antonio Carota master Frame Builder

PROTEK, by Carota - FRAMES
All Protek handmade frames come with the option of made to measure, or set to geometry. Protek offers a full palette of colors [including reflective paint] and customized labeling for the perfect customized finishing touches. Protek does not charge extra for many of its customized features, contact us for all the details -- this makes our superior frames very affordable. Cicli Protek warrants its frames free from defects in workmanship or materials for two years (refer to the manufacturer's website for details). To date, Protek has never had a frame returned for defects in craftsmanship

Italian Carbon and Aluminum
Carbon Frame Options - High Performance Craftsmanship [HPC] is an exclusive Protek engineering methodology that consists of applying high craftsmanship to new technology. There are many factors that go into carbon production, one of which is the carbon resin ratio. Protek carbon frames have the best ratio [66/34] to create a balance between stiffness, lightness, softness, and resistance -- all important characteristics for creating a professional carbon frame. HPC permits us to maximize the performance and safety of our frames; each was studied and crafted according to the specifics needs of the athletes using our carbon frames. Geometry, tube thickness and bandage wrapping [Fasciato] techniques of carbon foils at joints are incorporated into every frame model Protek makes. Protek uses two different carbon fibers for its F series frames, T800H and M60J. Both types of carbon are incorporated into the frames at various stress points and each tube has a unique mixture between weaved and unidirectional layers. For cyclists over 100kg (220lbs), Protek offers a stronger frame option by adding more folds of carbon at the joints and around the tubes. This can also be done for anyone else upon request. Protek is equally concerned with the cyclist’s safety as it is with the performance of our frames -- this all translates into the Italian expression, 'perfezione su misura'. The English translation is ‘made to measure with perfection'.
Aluminum Frame Options - The overall custom geometry of our aluminum frames and the tube thickness and sharps along with the quality of the welds are key factors in creating our strong and agile frames. Protek uses various thicknesses of its aluminum tubes to increase strength but only where it is needed. Protek aluminum tubes are triple butted with zinc, a superior blend over the less expensive aluminum with magnesium to support the thinner tube walls which ultimately creates the lightest and ultimate tensile strength frame possible. Protek frames have endured years of testing by pro athletes engaged in direct competition, resulting in a winning made-to-measure aluminum frame at an affordable price.
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